A Consultative Approach

CAVU Research helps social ventures – funders or providers – increase the impact of their investments and efforts through a deeper understanding of the people they serve and domains they target. We design, administer, and interpret customized research programs to enhance the impact of the matter at hand, be it an existing program, a new initiative under consideration, or the effectiveness of your organization’s communications, partnerships and collaborations. Projects may include use of in-depth interviews, focus groups, quantitative surveys and/or analyses of existing data.

Anupama Joshi

Executive Director

Blue Sky Funders Forum

The Blue Sky Funders Forum, a funder affinity group focused on environmental literacy, partnered with Seven November to develop a shared narrative to unify funders and practitioners in the field. As part of the project, CAVU Research conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse group of stakeholders to identify shared values, goals and test proposed messages. These findings were highly insightful and provided us a clear roadmap for reaching and inspiring our target audiences. We appreciated their thorough approach and highly recommend their services!

Studies by the Center for Effective Philanthropy conclude that improved understanding of situations ‘on the ground’ leads to better alignment of priorities between funders and providers, greater efficiency, and, ultimately, superior impact. Our job is to act on your behalf as a neutral intermediary in order to avoid the ‘power dynamic’ that may discourage full candor between beneficiaries and providers, and between providers and funders.

Our breadth of experience and low overhead allow us to be more responsive, flexible and cost-effective than large consulting firms. And because all project expenses are passed through with no mark-up, we are able to help you maximize the impact of your resources.

We pride ourselves on providing all facets of project services personally – from design through implementation and reporting, so clients are never disadvantaged by assignment of less experienced staff. We believe a firsthand understanding of your project goals contributes to a superior work product at every step, yielding in-depth answers to your questions, as well as to questions you may not have known you had.

Potential Areas of Investigation

Strategic planning

Awareness and perception

Partner/provider evaluation

Program-level assessment

Brand assessment

Messaging assessment

Stakeholder engagement

Community input

Conference/convening review

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