Past Projects

Strategic Planning

Assisted a major foundation in vetting their long-term strategic plan by interviewing the organization’s partners and a cross-section of program beneficiaries. Results were used to modify plans based on concerns expressed by several key partners regarding the initiative’s messaging and implementation strategy.

Susan Pierson-Brown

Principal, 7 November Inc.

I trust the CAVU team implicitly when we need stakeholder insights to guide our communications research and strategy work. Their market research expertise combined with their grasp of the subject matter at hand makes them ideal partners.

Marketing and Communications Strategy

Assisted a foundation in developing and implementing a national marketing campaign to increase awareness and support for youth in foster care. Conducted multi-lingual (English and Spanish) focus groups to gauge reaction and preferences to proposed marketing themes, ads and videos.

Results were used to refine campaign messaging and implementation plans. This effort was coupled with pre- and post-campaign awareness measurements, in both English and Spanish, to assess campaign reach and impact.

Product and Program Feedback

Conducted a series of regional interviews to gather feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders on the foundation’s publications, tools, training curricula and online assessments. Feedback was used to modify the delivery of programs and services to improve stakeholder engagement and satisfaction.

Chiemi Davis

Managing Director,

Casey Family Programs

I have worked with George and Mark on a number of stakeholder research projects and have always found their work to be first-rate and highly informative. They are great with staff, customers and partners and their recommendations have helped us make valuable improvements in the programs and services we offer. I have always found them to be highly invested in the success of our work and I consider it a pleasure to work with them. I look forward to collaborating with George and Mark again on future projects and wholeheartedly recommend their services! 

Consulting Services

Provided stakeholder research services on behalf of a foundation’s strategic consulting group to local and state social services jurisdictions. Interviews were conducted with

all levels of agency staff as well as partners and program beneficiaries. Results were used to improve service delivery and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Conferences and Events

Conducted group interviews and surveys with attendees of an annual national social services conference to gather feedback on the quality of presentations, faculty, networking opportunities, and conference venue and logistics. Results were used to modify future conference design and delivery. 

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